Perm Anomalous Zone ( M-zone, M-s triangle ) was discovered in 1989. It is situated in Russia, Ural region, near village Molebka, approximately 280 km from Ekaterinburg, at space of 70 sq.km. It is famous for constant UFO-cases of various kinds and contacts with representatives of other civilizations. This place is said to be landing - spot of space ships, coming from other Galaxies. Nearly everyone who visited this place experienced something unknown, enigmatic, some presence of miracle forces. Nearly everyone felt there a unique comfort of soul. After first trip to M-zone people come back again. The place is highly energetic,and only positive influence on the human health has been noticed. More to this, there were cases of full recovery of the sick people without any medical treatment, traditional or not. Healthy people feel the general improvement in all spheres: physical, mental, spiritual, moral , etc. It is nessessary to mention the " moral effects " of M-zone: the drawbacks of one's character seem to disappear here, the good intentions and high feelings come to life. One's soul becomes cleaner, higher and calmer. You can almost feel yourself becoming a better man. Also the "creative effect" of M-zone is quite noticeable: the abilities of people are sharpening there and sometimes new talents and capacities, unknown before, begin to realize themselves. Extra-sensual people come here to refill their energetic resources and to strengthen their ability to cure sick people. M-zone is situated in a distant region, deep province where an access is difficult thus it is sure to be ecologically pure. The nature is very picturesque there.Wonderful woods full of berries and mushrooms, beautiful river enable to combine research work and rest perfectly. As for me and my friends, we confronted nearly every miracle in M-ZONE and have video-photo materials with UFO.
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